National Conference Volunteerism of Criminal Justice


The goal of the NCVCJ is to represent all the organizations - whatever the ideas are that motivate them. Working in the field of criminal justice. The objectives of the NCVCJ are:

-                      To create a concrete table of conformation among all the volunteer organizations working in the field of criminal justice where the objectives and the projects of all the organizations might deepen and be supported by all.       

-                       To define the identity of the presence of the volunteer movement in its work and the relationship with the government so that it might be recognized as a subject and not just as a mere substitute of the government. Thus the role of the volunteer movement will influence the politics of the government regarding criminal justice.       

-                   To have dialogue with the government and private and public institutions with the common goal of offering to the offenders a way to redeem themselves and to make a positive return to society. 

-                        To collaborate with all the organizations that are present in the territory to activate the web of the services. The goal is intervening for the prevention of excluding anybody from society; 

-                        To help people who have problems and people that don't have jobs. To overcome the fragmentation of the solidarity activities carried on by the volunteer organizations to arriving at a common strategy for action without eliminating the differences that exist among the various organizations.