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Welcome to the personal web site of  Fr. Elijah of Carmel Mount, Society of the Queen of the Lilies at the service of the Church, V.le Regina dei Gigli, 5 - S. Giorgio a Cremano - Naples - Italy - Please also visit my blog in Gloria YV:

Dear Friends, as you already know, the last July the 16th I joined a new religious Congregation named Society of the Queen of the Lilies  (Klick the link for the testimony) at the service of the Church. My religious name is Fr. Elijah of Carmel Mount. Now for carrying out my mission in the Society I had to resign as Chaplain of Poggioreale Prison, but as I said to the inmates, I will never stop to pray for them. May God give them light, strength, a courage, once they get out of the prison, to start a new life. I would like to invite you also, my friends, to pray for them and if possible to help them: Prisoners are children of God and deserved our help.   Please pray in order to have a change in the way society intends punishment !  Go to deepen >>>

Lily-Like Spirituality

Mother Lillian of Paradise, the Foundress of the Society of the Queen of the Lilies at the Church Service,(Fathers, Sisters and lay people)  started a new Spirituality coming from the Message of Purity of the Queen of the Lilies for those people, who like her, want to make the Message of Purity of the White Queen of the Lilies their "reason for life". The following video are a sort of short reflexiones about the Carisma. Thank you for watching.




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