A nyone who follows me... will never age!


    Finding the secret of youth has been, I think, the dream of every man and woman who has lived on this earth. Being young forever! Being young means being "alive". Being old means to be dead.  When Jesus came into this world He revealed to us some incredible truths about youth.  Actually being old, like youth, cannot be counted in years!

A new idea of time

It is not the years that age us. Age, like youth, is a matter of "deep attitudes"; it is a "way" of living, it is the relationship that you have with the universe that surrounds you. A young man that withdraws into himself, thinking only of himself without hope in the future is already aged (if not dead inside)! On the other hand, an aged man dynamically involved in the transformation of the world in making it more human, a world where there is more justice, peace, solidarity is indeed a young person! Jesus made us understand that what makes us old is not the years but sin!  According to Revelation it’s sin that makes you live for yourself, thinking only of yourself. Sin takes the hope, the enthusiasm, the joy of living out of your heart, leaving you in a most retched depression. Among the many damages caused by sin age is the most neglected one. Regarding this matter we Christians believes that everyone in this world was born with original sin so that everybody is born "aged". The newborn baby is already aged because of original sin. The "old" baby born is getting younger to the extent that, with the help of God, He gets rid of the sins.  The "old" baby born is getting young to the extent that with the help of the Spirit of God makes the sinful works die; to the extent that with the help of God cleans his heart (=human spirit, deepest human dimension where the "self" makes his decision...) from the evil!

Spiritual Youthfulness

To get rid of the sins that causes age is a work that lasts a lifetime... Paradoxically, while outwardly the human being is getting older as years pass, the internal spiritual dimension, through God’s grace, is getting younger and younger. What a wonderful and incredible mistery is this... St. Paul explains this mistery in this way: “…That is why we do not waver; indeed, though this outer human nature of ours may be falling into decay, at same time our inner human nature is renewed day by day.” (2 Co, 4:16 cfr. also Col. 3:5-16; Ep. 4:17-5,20).

From this new understanding even death is not evil since it "fixes" the youthfulness reached in our lives with the help of God! To put it in metaphoric words: death is like the day of graduation following years of hard studying!  Jesus indeed defeated age and death. He said:
"In all truth I tell you: Anyone who follows me, will never age!"