Anyone who see me...will never die...of boredom! 1


    With the coming of Jesus on earth a new humanity appeared. In Jesus Christ the creation reach its peak, its goal.

Everything God created for Him, says S. Paul  (cfr. Col.1,16b). Jesus is the first-born of the new creation... (Col:1,1 ss). With Jesus the last-quality-change takes place in the story of the universe. The creation reach the Omega-point. Jesus is the absolute Good News!

God having Jesus risen from the dead has confirmed his favour in him... (cfr. Lc:3,21-22).

Sitting down at the right hand of the Father, Jesus has entered into the absolute future of God, thus after him there's nothing really new.

A new Humanity

    Jesus of Nazareth has accomplished the human-project God had in his mind since the beginning, Jesus has reached the "borders" of every human perfection.  Jesus is, in this sense, the future of Adam (Adam is the first human being slave of sin, Adam represent every human being).

Jesus is the model of man that everybody should become! (Cfr. 1Cor. 15,45-49). A new humanity then, a "new way" to be human.

We are called to a new-superior-life. We call it: new life, life of grace, divine life...christian life, because Jesus is the "Source" of this life. Jesus comes into this world just for giving us this superior life. An incredible transformation has to take place in the lives os christians.He comes into this world for the purpose of transforming, transfiguring our existence and, in us, the existence of all creation.We, children of Adam and Eve, must become  Jesus! A very process of christianization has to take place in the heart of all those who believe in him. 

He come into the world to allow all the people who accept him to make this "quality-shift", this "Passage" (= Easter, means passage from a inferior "way of life" to another superior "way of life")

Jesus come in this world and only his very presence causes a explosion of joy. His presence produces an incredible enthusiasm.  

...Then turning to his disciples he spoke to them by themselves, ' blessed are the eyes that see what you see, for I tell you that many prophets and Kings wanted to see what yousee, and never saw it; to hear what you hear, and never heard it. (Cfr. Lc: 10,17,23).

In Jesus of Nazareth, The Image of the unseen God (Col.1,15), God calls all human beings to become Champions of humanity.