Anyone who see me...will never die...of boredom! 2


   Nowadays more than ever, we are urged to give a true-to-life presentation of Jesus of Nazareth's fascination! (Cfr. Gal. 3,1ss) The bet is that since Jesus is the Champion “yesterday, today and for ever” (Cfr. Eb.13,8) He is “the Lion of Judah” (Ap. 5,5b).  Thus He is the Leader who is able to draw men and women to Him to lead them to God in the Kingdom of life even, I'd say above all, in our time. Urge, then, that our generation discovers Jesus of Nazareth again, the Son of God made man, as “the eschatological goal towards which all things tend, the splendour before which every other light pales, and the infinite beauty which alone can fully satisfy the human heart.”      (John Paul II, Vita consecrata, n° 16)

Anyone Who Sees Me...will never "die" of boredom..

We will never stop being surprised by Jesus. Life with Jesus is an eternal surprise. Let's imagine we are among His disciples and let's follow Jesus during His travels along the roads and the cities, trying to pay attention to what happens...

Wherever Jesus arrives the most strangest things happen...

Rich and powerful people act as children...climbing up the trees to see Him.
(cfr. Lc. c. 19)
Old and wise people looking for Him during the night just to learn...catechism.
(cfr. Gv. 3,1ss)
“Unclean” women bursting into the houses of "religious" people because they want to wash His feet with their tears and dry them with their hair.
(cfr. Lc. 7,36ss).

…The most radical transformations...

The rich people became poor, (cfr. Lc. 6,24) and the poor people become rich…(cfr. Lc. 6,20) The proud people are falling down… and the humble are risen up…(cfr. Lc. 1,46)

…The most incredible things…

The blind people can see better than those who proudly believe they can see. (cfr. Gv. 9,1ss)
The lame people run...
(cfr. Mc. 2,1ss)
The dead people are more alive than those who seem to be alive but are "dead"... within their hearts
(cfr. Gv. 11,1ss)

…The most unthinkable turn of events…

The judges become...convicts, while the convicts become... saints...
(cfr. Lc. 7.36ss)

It's very dangerous to bet against Jesus

The most impossible odds thanks to Jesus become reality!
(cfr. Mc. 3,4)
Even the most unsuccessful among men thanks to Jesus can be ...champions.
(cfr. Mc. 5,1ss).


The rhythm of the surprises is frantic...

  During the night with the disciples we find ourselves bewildered.  We don't know what to think about... Lot of things happened (How can you sleep?)


  One day, after another surprise: the transfiguration (cfr. Mc. 9,2ss), we are together with Peter, James and John and we say to Jesus: "Please Jesus, stop moving around, it's so wonderful to stay here....But Jesus answers us: You've still seen nothing...(!?) You'll see things more wonderful than this!

…and suffered one…

Even in the most dramatic, most suffered moment of His life Jesus doesn’t stop surprising us... Judas, the traitor is called... "friend" by Him...
(cfr. Mt: 26,50). He asked the Father to forgive His enemies, those who were crucifying Him...(cfr. Lc: 23,34). He assures the good thief : “In truth, I tell you, today you will be with Me in paradise!” (Lc:23,43).


And the surprise of the Resurrection ?

Even though it was foretold, the resurrection makes us crazy with joy!
(cfr. Lc. c. 24; Mt. c. 28; Mc. c. 16; Gv. c. 20) And when we are all gathered together to pray with Mary, the Mother of Jesus in the same place where we ate the Last Supper all of a sudden Jesus appears in all His splendour, smiling at us.  He seems to say… Did you believe that the surprises were over ?  Everything is just now beginning...

What a wonderful adventure life is when we are with Jesus!    With Him there is no "time" to be bored!