Anyone who believes in me, will never waver! 2


He is "out of his mind"

In his Gospel St. Mark tells us that while Jesus was in Peter's house some of his relatives came and wanted to restrain Him because they said: "He has gone out of his mind" (Mk.3:21).  Why did Jesus' relatives think this about Him? To better understand, we must delve deeper into the previous events in the first chapters of Mark’s Gospel.

The Strongest

Just after Jesus was baptized by John (Mk. 1:9) Jesus’ power steadily increased, so much so that people were saying: "We have never seen anything like this!" (Mk.2:12)  What was happening?  Through Jesus’ power the blind could see, the lame could walk and the dead were resurrected... Jesus was more powerful than Satan.  When Jesus spoke even the demons proclaimed “You are the Son of God!” (Mk. 3:11)


It was very difficult for the relatives to understand that Jesus performed all these miracles… for free. He didn't get any money for this and as a result, was becoming more well known.  People came from all over the region to be cured by Him. As a result neither Jesus nor the apostles were even able to eat. (cfr. Mk.1:45. 6: 30 -32)

Jesus' Friends: Criminals and Prostitutes

That was not all! They were amazed when they realized what kind of friends Jesus used to associate with: criminals and prostitutes. So it was very easy for them to declare that Jesus was "out of his mind". However, Jesus himself had answered them (and all the people who thought this way) why He liked to be a friend of such people. He had come into the world like a doctor: "It is not the healthy who need the doctor, but the sick. I came to call not the righteous, but sinners." (cfr. Mk.2:17) Nevertheless Jesus' relatives were more and more convinced that Jesus was mad, that's why they went to Peter's house and wanted to take charge of Jesus because they said:: "He is out of his mind" (Mk.3:20)

Madness of Love

After reading, studying and reflecting upon the Gospel we have to say that indeed Jesus was "out of his mind".  Love made Him crazy! Because only love, real love can make you "get out of yourself". Only real love can free you from the slavery of yourself.  It’s so important for this generation to get excited about real love!  A tremendous amount of people live "inside themselves” because they are not able to love, because they don't know what love is, because they never were loved. They live in the prison of their selfishness.  They are unable "to see", they are blind inside, unable to see the wonders God made for them.   They are unable to see the sufferings of their brothers and sisters.  They can only see their own interests, they are ready to do anything to become richer and richer.  They are concerned only about their own safety.  They build walls around themselves to prevent the poor from bothering them.  This kind of mentality causes more physical, psychological and spiritual death.

Jesus' enemies celebrated on Good Friday after the crucifixion believing that Jesus' mania was solved... But after only three days they started to understand that Jesus was alive and "out of his mind" more than before and they realized that His madness was contagious...In almost three hundred years the Christian madness conquered the Roman Empire.

A madness that gives life

Lord Jesus we praise you. We love you and we pray: Please, continue to spread Your madness in our time. Free us from the prison of our selfishness so that even now the blind can see, the lame can walk, the dead can be alive again and the good news be announced to the poor!